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custom built computer systems


Custom Built and Manufactured Computer Sales

Custom Built Computer Systems are only available in desktop style. This includes full tower, mid tower, and media center (low profile)

Our custom system specifications are based off of what you need and how you use the system, this allows the perfect balance between price and performance

The warranty for these systems vary based on the parts. Many of the components of your system are covered by a much better warranty than a manufactured system

We only use the highest quality parts available for your computer build, unless specific brands are requested.

manufactured systems


We have partnered with several manufacturers in order to offer a wide selection of desktop, laptop and tablet systems. Our current partners include:

In Search of Incredible

Dell PartnerDirect


We also carry a limited supply of Used and Refurbished systems in case you are not ready to invest in a new system!


Contact us for more information and we can quote your system at no charge!

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